Gender: female

Eye Color: amber

Hair Color: black

Yhivi is a pornstar who has some Asian in her, but she was born in the home of porn, California. She was born in 1994 and stands at 5ft 1”. Her body is nice and petite, and she has a very young face. Now, you may think that Yhivi focuses on teen porn stuff like step-dad stuff, but that isn’t true. While Yhivi has undoubtedly done a handful of porn scenes for the taboo section of porn sites. Her main focus is to be as wild as possible in any porn scene possible. Yhivi got into porn to earn money, a great reason to become a pornstar. However, she hated the downside of porn, people talking shit about you. She even decided to write about the shit she was getting sent on her own blog. This blog post went into why Yhivi started doing porn in the first place, and her reasons for leaving porn behind. That’s right, Yhivi is no longer in porn. However, despite leaving porn, she is still highly ranked on a lot of the porn tube sites. The likely reason that Yhivi is still highly regarded and highly ranked in the porn world is that she held nothing back during her time in porn. She did gangbang scenes dressed as a cheerleader, she did anal scenes where her tight little butt hole got stretched way beyond its limits. She also did some extremely kinky solo scenes too and a handful of threesomes with the ladies and one dude. I first saw Yhivi in her porn scene for DTF Sluts. She starts the scene by playing the piano and then sucks a huge cock expertly and gets rammed hard. I dunno what sort of bad shit people were saying about Yhivi, but I wasn’t saying anything bad about this stunningly sexy pornstar after that scene, it is incredible! Yhivi also worked with James Deen in a fantastic porn scene too. Whatever Yhivi is doing now, we all miss her in the porn world. She brought some fire to the teen porn category that is sorely missed now that she isn’t in the porn world any more!

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